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We are delighted to introduce Tanzania Straden en Safari, your premier travel company based in Tanzania. We specialize in providing customized and unique safari experiences to travelers from around the world.


An Iconic Safari Destination

Tanzania is a truly remarkable country that stands out as the epitome of adventure travel in Africa. With its vast plains of the Serengeti, majestic snow-capped peak of Kilimanjaro, and the enchanting island of Zanzibar, Tanzania captures the essence of the African experience.
For those who have ever dreamt of Africa, these names evoke a sense of wonder and conjure up images of the continent’s legendary allure. Tanzania is undeniably one of the most iconic safari destinations in the world, offering a wealth of extraordinary experiences.


Pristine beaches, clear ocean waters, and historical destinations are the main highlights in Zanzibar. Take a dip in Zanzibar’s sparkling tides, and witness the precious marine life under its salty seas. Safari Blue is the best pick if you want to experience a stunning African beach. You may also want to visit the Jozani Forest, where the famous red colobus monkey dwells. The region homes this rare primate, where you can also witness various birdlife. Visiting this destination wouldn’t be complete without learning its roots and history. Zanzibar is where Spice Island is located, which bears significant stories of the past. Wander the Stone Town,  where you can find the House of Wonders, National Museum of Zanzibar, and the Old Fort.

Pemba Island

Pemba Island, a hidden gem in the Zanzibar archipelago, offers a true paradise experience that should not be missed. With its lush hills, dense forests, thriving plantations, and pristine snow-like white sand beaches, Pemba embodies the essence of a tropical haven.

The island is home to three major towns: Chake Chake, where the airport is located; Mkoani, the ferry port town; and Wete, which is in close proximity to the enchanting Ngezi Forest and the stunning beaches on the northern tip of the island. Pemba remains mostly untouched by tourism, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in its authentic charm.

One of the highlights of exploring Pemba is strolling through the towns, particularly Wete, which offers a peaceful contrast to the bustling beach towns of Zanzibar. The island is known for its thriving clove cultivation, will catch  a whiff of the aromatic scent in the air as you explore the surroundings.

Pemba Island is a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered. Its natural beauty, serene atmosphere, and authentic cultural experiences make it a perfect destination for those seeking a tranquil escape in a picturesque paradise.

Mafia Island

Mafia Island is Known for its serene and unspoiled beauty, Mafia has long been cherished by those seeking a tranquil and laid-back island getaway.

The archipelago boasts a collection of small yet exceptional lodges, ranging from enchanting treehouses to world-class private villas. With limited visitor numbers, Mafia offers an ideal destination for a relaxed and unhurried tropical retreat.

On arrival you will see paved roads meandering  through Mafia capital of Kilindoni before giving way to charming farming and fishing villages, verdant coconut plantations, and dense forests adorned with majestic baobabs, mango trees, and cashew trees.

The coastline of Mafia Island is adorned with intricate mangroves and dotted with golden bays. Here, traditional dhows and kayaks are launched into the turquoise waters, inviting exploration and adventure. For beach enthusiasts, boat excursions to idyllic sandbars are a must. Surrounded by gently lapping waves, visitors can indulge in picnics and swim in the crystal-clear waters of pristine, powder-white crescents of sand.

The ocean truly captivates visitors to Mafia Island. In 1995, the Mafia Island Marine Park was established to protect the archipelago’s vibrant reefs, making it one of Tanzania’s premier diving destinations. Divers and snorkelers alike will be enthralled by the diverse marine life, from vibrant clownfish and elusive octopuses to majestic rays, massive groupers, sharks, and dolphins in deeper waters. Within Chole Bay, the shallow reefs are perfect for snorkeling and learning to dive, while outside the bay, an expansive coral wall attracts experienced divers with its stunning giant table corals and vast stands of blue-tipped staghorn corals.

The island’s dedication to marine conservation is equally impressive. Witnessing the scuttle of Juani’s turtle hatchlings as they make their way to the sea is a heartwarming experience. Additionally, sailing or swimming alongside the annual whale shark migration is a remarkable wildlife encounter that ranks among Africa’s most awe-inspiring moments. Mafia Island offers unparalleled escapism and a chance to connect with nature in extraordinary ways.

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